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I studied for my PhD in Philosophy at The University of Sheffield (2004-2008). In 2008 I took up a Junior Research Fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge; followed by lectureships at Cardiff University (2009-2011), and the University of Nottingham (2012-2015). In 2016 I took up a Vice-Chancellor's Fellowship at Sheffield.

Please note: I am on parental leave from August 2019, returning to work May 2020. I will be catching up on email on return to work. Thanks for your patience!

Research Interests

My teaching and research focuses on questions concerning the ways in which we are implicated in injustices. Addressing these questions requires understandings of the nature of injustices – in resources, knowledge, access to opportunities and so on – and attention to the ways in which we might sustain them, including unwittingly. Much of my recent research has focused on implicit gender and racial biases – automatic patterns of thought that can lead us to stereotype and discriminate. I am also interested in other ways in which we, and institutions in which we participate, are complicit in injustices – my research has examined notions such a discrimination, collective vices, and integrity in criminal justice. This research spans the topics of political philosophy, moral psychology and social philosophy (in particular, feminist philosophy and philosophy of race).

I have had the opportunity to use this research to engage with practitioners in the Judiciary and the Civil Service in the UK, in discussions about how to make these institutions more inclusive. I have managed interdisciplinary research projects (with psychologists) that have investigated how to change implicit biases (with a Leverhulme Trust Project Grant, 2014-2017), and worked with legal scholars in exploring the implications of this research for legal concepts and practice. I have recently been working with the University on practices for making our University an inclusive space for transgender staff and students. I am co-director of the Centre for Engaged Philosophy, at Sheffield.

Selected publications

On Implicit Bias

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On feminist philosophy:

Holroyd, J. (2016) Feminism and Well-being, in G. Fletcher, ed. Routledge handbook of Well-being, Routledge.

Holroyd, J. (2013) 'Feminist Metaethics', in The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. H. LaFollette.

Holroyd, J. (2009) Relational Autonomy and Paternalistic Interventions Res Publica 15(4), 321-336.

On responsibility and blame and moral emotions:

Holroyd, J. 'On Regretting things I did not do and could not have done' (forthcoming) Journal of Applied Philosophy: special issue: Symposium on R.J. Wallace's The View from Here

Holroyd, J. (2010) The Retributive Emotions: Passions and Pains of Punishment Philosophical Papers, Special Issue on The Retributive Emotions, ed. L. Allais, 39(3), 343-373. Link

Holroyd, J. (2007) A Communicative Conception of Appraisal Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 10(3), 267-278. Link

For more papers see my Vice Chancellor's Fellow profile page.

Media and Resources:

Teaching and supervision

I am happy to supervise MA and PhD students wishing to study topics in moral psychology, feminist philosophy and social philosophy. Do get in touch.

Current PhD students:

  • Jingbo Hu (Reasons-responsive accounts of moral responsibility)
  • Maria Pietrini Sanchez (An autonomy based framework for surrogacy contracts)
  • Henry Roe (Arrogance and collective epistemic vice)
  • Rosa Vince (Pornography and objectification)

Previous PhD students (at Sheffield):

  • Charlie Crerar (Vice epistemology. Currently post-doctoral researcher at UConn)
  • Andreas Bunge (The nature of attitudes. Currently working in President's Office, Leuphana University of Luneberg)

Previous PhD students (at Nottingham):

  • Tom Baker (An integrated account of aesthetic appreciation. Currently working at University of Edinburgh)
  • James Andow (Intuitions in philosophy. Currently working at University of East Anglia)