Applying my physics knowledge to the renewable energy challenge

Molly Morgan
Molly Morgan
Masters student
Solar Cell Technology MSc
Molly decided to follow her undergraduate degree with our Solar Cell Technology MSc course. It's led to her securing a job in the solar industry.

Throughout my undergraduate degree I knew that I wanted to study a masters involving renewable energy. When the physics department at the University of Sheffield announced the Solar Cell Technology MSc I jumped at the chance to study in Sheffield for another year.

This masters has allowed me to apply my knowledge learnt during my Physics BSc to real world applications, a skill which I feel is extremely valuable. My favourite part of the course was the laboratory sessions where we were able to complete a number of projects over the weeks which all related to the theory we were learning at the time.

My dissertation research project was titled Biologically Inspired Anti-Reflection Layers for Solar Cells. During this work I investigated whether biomimetic nanostructures could provide sufficient reduction of reflection to improve the efficiencies of solar cells. Throughout the project my writing skills have improved with the support of my supervisor and the module leaders.

During my MSc I completed a week of internship with Exawatt, a consulting and market intelligence firm who specialise in photovoltaics. After I have finished my MSc I have accepted a position to work for the company full time as a Junior Research Analyst.

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