Through my research, I have developed lots of useful skills

Rongrong Song
Rongrong Song
Postgraduate student
MSc(Res) Particle Physics
During her masters course, Rongrong got the chance to study particle physics from a different perspective, and develop programming skills while working with data from CERN.

I chose to study Particle Physics at the University of Sheffield because I really like the subject, and Sheffield has a research group that's relevant to my interests.

I've enjoyed the course. During the last year, I've taken lectures and carried out research as a member of my supervisor's research group.

The way content is arranged in some modules is very different to my own country. For example, in Sheffield, a module can be devoted to helping students understand the physical picture behind a theory, while in China it is usually more mathematical. This was an interesting experience for me.

I also enjoyed the research part of my course very much, and I am getting more familiar with research in particle physics.

Rongrong Song

Particle Physics MSc(Res)

My supervisor, Dr Kristin Lohwasser has given me a lot of help. My research project is based on analysing data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I've been studying the machine learning method of signal extraction for a class of physical processes known as vector-boson scattering.

Through my research, I have developed some useful skills, such as data analysis skills in particle physics, programming skills with C++, and presentation skills. I am now applying for PhD positions so that I can continue my studies.

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