Undergraduate courses

We offer a range of physics degrees. They include opportunities to study abroad, complete a year-long work placement or specialise in astrophysics, particle physics, theoretical physics or medical physics.

Undergraduate students

BSc or MPhys?

MPhys courses come with a final year of research training, where you'll work in the lab with a team of professional scientists on an unanswered question in chemistry. They're the best route for students who are thinking about a career in scientific research.


These courses are all accredited by the Institute of Physics, so you’ll cover the key topics that every physicist needs to understand: mechanics, waves, optics, relativity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum physics and more.


But there’s always flexibility to choose from a wide range of optional modules too, so you can tailor your degree to your interests, your career goals and the global challenges you want to help solve.

Physics courses

Physics – 2022 entry:

Physics and Astrophysics courses

Physics and Astrophysics – 2022 entry:

Physics with Particle Physics courses

Physics with Particle Physics courses – 2022 entry:

Theoretical Physics courses

Theoretical Physics – 2022 entry:

Physics with Medical Physics courses

Physics with Medical Physics courses – 2022 entry

Physics with Philosophy courses

Physics with Philosophy – 2022 entry:

Physics with a Foundation Year

Physics with a Foundation Year MPhys or BSc – 2022 entry 

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