Catch up: International conference Constructing Europe(s)

Stars of EU flag

The Prokhorov Centre hosted the international conference 'Constructing Europe(s): The cultural borders of Western and Eastern Europe past, present, and future' on 26–27 May 2017.

About the conference

This international conference was organised by the Prokhorov Centre's Directors, Henk de Berg and Evgeny Dobrenko.

Conference themes

Faced with rising levels of immigration, a struggling currency, and Brexit, the European Union is under increasing pressure. But behind these political challenges, there lies an older and much deeper question – that of the nature of Europe itself. What is Europe, where does it come from, and where is it going? And what are the origins of the distinction between a 'Western' and an 'Eastern' Europe, and how has this distinction changed over time?

Download the conference programme (PDF, 3.2MB)

Watch again: keynote speech

Nancy Condee: Bespoke modernity (and the thing they once called Europe)

You can watch the keynote by Nancy Condee (Inaugural Director at the Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh) on YouTube.

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