Who to talk to

For further information and guidance, contact your department's impact lead. They will be able to work with you to develop your impact or signpost you to the relevant support in your faculty or the Research Services team


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty Impact Manager

Samantha Garwood, samantha.garwood@sheffield.ac.uk

Interim Faculty Director for Impact and External Engagement

Prof. Dominic Broomfield-McHugh, d.broomfield-mchugh@sheffield.ac.uk

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Impact Manager

Allan Griffin, a.griffin@sheffield.ac.uk

Faculty Impact Champion

Dr. Chris Holland, christopher.holland@sheffield.ac.uk 

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare

Faculty Impact Manager

Sarah Howson, s.f.howson@sheffield.ac.uk

Faculty of Science

Faculty Impact Manager

Stuart Fraser, s.fraser@sheffield.ac.uk

Faculty of Social Science

Senior Knowledge Exchange Associate

Jennifer Watson, J.M.Watson@sheffield.ac.uk

Katie Pruszynski, k.m.pruszynski@sheffield.ac.uk

Research Services

Institutional Impact Coordinator

Cliona Boyle, c.boyle@sheffield.ac.uk

University Impact Officer

Tijana Close, t.close@sheffield.ac.uk