Thesis and Examination: The Code of Practice

Guidance and support for postgraduate research students, supervisors, departments, and examiners on thesis preparation, submission and examination.

Preparation and submission

General guidance

General guidance on writing your thesis and the support available.

Writing your thesis

Thesis formats

Information on the various formats permitted by the University.

Thesis formats

Unfair means

How to avoid using unfair means, how they are detected, and what happens if a student is found to be using them.

Unfair means


Guidance on using third-party material in theses and including work that has already been published.

Using copyright material

Including previously published work

Formatting and binding

How to correctly format and bind your thesis.

Formatting and binding

Submitting your thesis

How to correctly submit your thesis for examination.

Submit your thesis


Appointing examiners

Guidance on appointing examiners for thesis examinations.

Appointment of examiners

Degree criteria

Approved criteria for the award of PhD and MPhil degrees.

Award criteria

Viva voce

Guidance on preparing for the final viva examination.

The oral examination

Examination outcomes and reports

The recommendations available for the award of a doctoral degree.

Examiner reports and outcomes

Post-viva activities

Final library copy

How to submit a final copy of your thesis to the Library.

Submitting a library copy


Appropriate circumstances where an embargo of a thesis may be necessary.

Embargoing a thesis


Guidance on uploading your eThesis to White Rose eTheses Online.

Uploading your eThesis

Award of degrees

The process to confirm the award of your Postgraduate Research degree.

Awarding PGR degrees

Post-award services

Useful information for students who have been awarded their research degree.

Post-award services

Who to contact

Postgraduate research support

Contact information for the teams that support postgraduate research (PGR) students.

PGR support teams

Complaints and appeals

View the complaints and appeals process for doctoral candidate.

Complaints and appeals procedure