After your degree is awarded

Useful information for students who have been awarded their research degree.


Student account closure

Once your degree has been awarded, your student account will be closed. Information on when this will happen and what actions you should take is available from IT Services.

Student account closure

Transferring and disposing of research data at the end of your degree

It is the responsibility of all postgraduate research students to ensure that they review and move, delete or transfer ownership of any data they have collected during their time at the University. Please read the detailed guidance on how to do this and take the appropriate steps to manage your research data.

Transferring and disposing of your research data at the end of your degree

Affiliate Research Account Extension

In some instances, postgraduate research students may require access to the University's IT and library functions beyond the award of their degree, for example, to allow them to complete publications. This process provides a method for such students to maintain access to the University's IT services and library facilities for a period no longer than six months following the award of their degree.

Applications for an Affiliate Research Account Extension must be made by a supervisor on behalf of the student via an online form.  

The extension request can only be applied for once and is for a maximum period of six months. Requests will be reviewed by the IT Services Helpdesk and if the request is not deemed appropriate it will be escalated to the Information Security Team for consideration and a final decision.

Reasons for non-appropriateness may include:

  • There are general access requirement issues or concerns.
  • The additional requested IT services have not previously been assigned to the account.

If approved, the student's existing postgraduate research account will be extended for six months and the student and supervisor will be informed. Please note that this is an extension of the student's IT account and/or library access only, and does not mean that the requester still has an ongoing student status. The account holder will be eligible for a new Associate UCard (green). Access will cease at the end of the six-month extension period.

Requests to extend access on this scheme beyond six months cannot be considered.

Replacement degree certificates

Graduates of the University who have successfully completed a higher degree by research and who have lost their original degree certificate may apply for a replacement degree certificate.

A replacement degree certificate costs £35 and usually takes up to 15 working days to produce. If you graduated before 1995 then processing could take up to six weeks from receipt of your application.

Replacement degree certificates can only be ordered via the University Online Store.

Letter confirming degree/attendance

If you require a letter confirming details of your degree, this can be obtained from the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD).

The Confirming Letter will state:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your thesis title
  • The dates you attended the University
  • Your Department or Faculty
  • Mode of Attendance (eg. Full-Time or Part-Time)
  • Your Graduation/Award date
  • The signature of the Registrar and the official stamp of the University