PGR support teams

Contact information for the teams that support postgraduate research (PGR) students

Name Role Email
Joanne Rowlands PGR Support Team Manager

Postgraduate researcher student progression, examination and award

Guidance and support with all aspects of University regulations and policies concerning doctoral students, such as making changes to student status, supervision, student progression, and thesis submission and examination.

Name Faculty Email
Helen Papaioannou Arts & Humanities
Amy Saunders Engineering
Laura Stanley Health
Chris Hutchings Science
Davy Heymann Social Sciences
Helena Fearnley Thesis management

Doctoral Development Programme (DDP)

Support with all aspects of the DDP.

Name Role Email
Ruth Wilson PGR Officer
Aidan Haley PGR Assistant


Guidance and support on University and UKRI-funded scholarships for both current and potential students.

Name Role Email
Kirsty Tolmay Scholarships Officer
Kim Balding Scholarships Assistant

PGR Programmes and Provision

Support for PGR programmes (including new programmes, collaborative arrangements, regulations and quality assurance).

Name Role Email
Rachel Moody PGR Manager
Ruth Wilson PGR Officer
Stephen Carding Project Officer
Aidan Haley PGR Assistant

Other Professional Services

A number of other professional service departments provide services and support for PGR students: