FRAX osteoporotic fracture online calculator

Doctor and patient with Frax calculator

Experts in our Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health continue to push the boundaries of health research, developing new tools and techniques to help reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of healthcare in the UK.

One example of this is FRAX®. This is an online calculator that helps doctors assess whether or not a patient may be affected by an osteoporotic fracture later in life. It was developed by a team of Sheffield scientists led by Emeritus Professor John Kanis.

The calculator, which can also be used by patients, takes into account factors such as age, sex, body mass index and parental history of hip fracture to predict the risk.

Where risk is identified, doctors and patients can take preventive measures. Fewer people suffer and the burden on health services is reduced.

The calculator is already available in several different languages, and has also been developed as an iOS application.