Participatory Research Network

A cross-faculty initiative bringing together like-minded researchers.

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About us

Led by Dr Kirsty Liddiard, the Participatory Research Network at the University of Sheffield (PRN@TUoS) is a newly established cross-faculty network.

Our work is guided by three key principles towards reshaping research cultures at the University:

  • Firstly, that academics, students and researchers at all levels across the University benefit from new cross-faculty spaces and connections created through PRN.
  • Secondly, that everything we do remains committed to the Researcher Concordat - we have a strong PGR and ECR presence in PRN, both in the Committee and in the wider PRN community, and want to nurture and support research careers.
  • Thirdly, the Network aims to support developments towards more inclusive research principles which centre equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in how we think about and carry out research with others, both inside and outside of the University. 

See our short film explaining the Network:

A film introducing the Participatory Research Network.

What we're working on

Exploring and embedding PGR experiences of participatory research in TUoS research cultures

This new project builds upon the innovative work happening in the Participatory Research Network.

We want to better understand what University of Sheffield PGRs need in relation to developing, co-designing and engaging in participatory research. 

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Participatory Research Fund

The University has funded a range of staff projects designed to support and encourage participatory research across all faculties.

2022-2023 projects

2023-2024 projects

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