Doctoral Times

Doctoral Times was a University newsletter for doctoral and higher research degree students that ran from 2010-2023. We do not currently plan to publish any further issues, but you can download past editions here.

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Last edition

Our final edition of the Doctoral Times, published in Summer 2023, focused on Open Research. Discussing the challenges and benefits of sharing your research, it included a wide range of resources and support to help you along the way.

Issue 24 - Open Research 

Previous editions

Please note that each edition includes the date of publication, and articles will represent the PGR landscape as at was at that time - some terms, rules, priorities and University services will have changed in the intervening years. Much of the content will still be of interest however, which is why we have included the full archive below. 

Issue number Topic
Issue 23 Planning for Timely Submission 
Issue 22 Research Methodologies
Issue 21 Academic Writing for Researchers
Issue 20 Part 2  Doctoral Student Journey: Experiences and Challenges
Issue 20 Part 1

Doctoral Student Journey: Experiences and Challenges

Issue 19 Academic Conferences
Issue 18 Transitioning to PhD Studies
Issue 17 Part 2 The Job World After the PhD
Issue 17 Part 1 The Job World After the PhD
Issue 16 Money
Issue 15  Wellbeing
Issue 14 Research Impact
Issue 13 Social Media
Issue 12 Data Management
Issue 11 Starting With The End In Sight
Issue 10 Researcher Development Framework and Training
Issue 9 Collaborative Working
Issue 8 Internships
Issue 7 Doctoral Academy
Issue 6 Off-Campus Experience
Issue 5 Continuous Professional Development and Employability
Issue 4 Publishing
Issue 3 Postgraduate Research Pathway
Issue 2 Literature Review
Issue 1 Doctoral Times First Edition