Evidencing Development Summary

The Evidencing Development summary provides a record of your personal development for each of the core competencies required for a Sheffield doctoral award.


Purpose of the Evidencing Your Development summary

The Evidencing Development summary is the principal means by which your progress on the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) is monitored. The purpose of the summary is to provide a record of your personal development for each of the core competencies required for a Sheffield doctoral award.

The summary is designed to assist you to get the most from your postgraduate research experience, helping you to plan and reflect upon your research and how it will relate to future aspirations.

By engaging with appropriate training and development, you will gain and enhance the skills needed to successfully complete your research project, and to demonstrate the eight core competencies.

Since each student has a unique academic and professional background, and is undertaking a specific project, training and development need to be individualised to them.

The eight core competencies

  1. Communication, networking and collaboration
  2. Personal skills – Time management, resilience, problem-solving, critical thinking
  3. Professional skills – Academic defence, academic writing, project/resource management
  4. Leadership
  5. Ownership and understanding of the scope for career development options
  6. Understanding the importance of impact and translation, public engagement, enterprise and IP
  7. Responsible research and innovation, ethics and data management
  8. Qualitative skills and/or quantitative and digital skills depending on discipline

What are the requirements?

To evidence your engagement with the DDP, you are required to submit an Evidencing Development summary at around at around two to three months before the end of your  normal registration period (or four to six months if PT),

This requires you to give an example of your experience within each of the core competencies; the self-reflection underpinning this process will be useful when you begin the process of applying for employment.

How to evidence?

When putting together your Evidencing Development summary you will use your completed TNA to reflect on the training and development you have experienced throughout your research, and identify one example of the development for each of the core competencies.

You will gain experience within some or all of the core competencies simply by undertaking your research. Where you require additional training or development, this can be accessed via skills training or modules available within the University, as well as relevant experiences that are not formally taught or that are gained outside the University.