Examination and assessment of modules

Information about the examination and assessment of modules for your DDP.


Examination and assessment of modules

You are not expected to complete the assessment or examination for optional courses - these are intended for masters students taking the modules for credit as part of their programme of study.

Instead you will evidence your learning and what you have gained from the module through the reflective log in your Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

It is nevertheless extremely important that you attend all classes for modules you have registered for, and fully engage with the material, as by enrolling you are taking a place in the class which may have benefitted another student.

If extenuating circumstances arise causing you to miss a scheduled class, the module leader should be informed as soon as possible.

There may be assessments required for your compulsory courses or modules run exclusively for DDP students which you will be advised of at the start of the course.

A record of your attendance and any results for compulsory modules will be sent to the DDP team to be included on your student record. This will then be checked when your DDP is submitted, to confirm you have completed the courses required. 

Demonstrating development

In conjunction with your supervisory team, you will agree DDP review stages. Your TNA and Development Plan will first be reviewed by you, your supervisors and your departmental PGR Tutor three months after registration.

You should then review the TNA every six months, and the Development Plan every year.  

The first formal annual check will be part of your Confirmation Review. The TNA and Development Plan will be assessed by the nominated examiners as per specific departmental procedures and may include your second supervisor or PGR/personal tutor.

You will not be allowed to pass your Confirmation Review until agreed development needs have been achieved and there is a clear and credible development plan for the rest of your time at Sheffield. 

The second supervisor or PGR/personal tutor will then review your Development Plan annually during supervisory meetings, and they will provide sign-off for your final Evidencing Development Summary/ePortfolio before it is submitted.

In addition, they will formally report on progress through the DDP by inclusion of a section in the annual progress report, which will also be signed by you. Your departmental PGR tutor will read that report ensuring your progress on the programme is monitored outside of your supervisory team.