Compulsory DDP modules

A list of Doctoral Development Programme modules that are compulsory for research students in different departments across the University.


All research students will take a compulsory faculty research ethics module as part of the DDP, and some departments need additional modules to be completed. You will be registered on any compulsory modules automatically. Your department will advise what you need to do to complete them. 

We have made changes to module codes for DDP modules, affecting students from 2022/23 onwards. Therefore if you commenced your studies on or after the 2022/23 academic year, you will be enrolled on the new module code/s listed below.

 Research ethics and integrity - all faculties 

Arts & Humanities FCA6100 - Research Ethics & Integrity
Engineering FCE6100 - Professional Behaviour & Ethical Conduct
Health FCM611 (was FCM6100) - Research Ethics & Integrity
Science FCP611 (was FCP6101/02/03) - Research Ethics & Integrity
Social Science

FCS601 (was FCS6100) - Research Ethics & Integrity

FCS602 - Doctoral Project Scope, Design & Management (compulsory for all Social Science students commencing 23/24 onwards)

For more information, please read Research Ethics modules - guidance for all Faculties 

ESRC White Rose DTP - all faculties 

ESRC White Rose DTP scholarship holders - all Faculties FCS603 - Research in Practice, White Rose DTP

From 2024/25, FCS603 - Research in Practice, White Rose DTP is a compulsory module for all ESRC White Rose DTP-funded students, across all departments. This only applies to ESRC WRDTP students who commence their studies in academic year 24/25 or later. Any students who were awarded their scholarship before this point are not required to complete the module.

Department-specific modules

Animal & Plant Sciences, Biomedical Science and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology * Please see note at the bottom of this page

CHM603 and CHM604 have been discontinued with effect from August 2023 and there is no longer a compulsory module requirement within the Department of Chemistry. 

Computer Science

COM606, COM608 and COM618 have been discontinued with effect from August 2023 and there is no longer a compulsory module requirement within the Department of Computer Science


ECN610 (was ECN6100) – Doctoral Training in Economics

English Literature

EGH632 (was LIT6916) – Essential Research Training: Plagiarism, Copyright, Archival Research


GEO608 (was GEO6031) – Doctoral Training in Human Geography 

GEO618 (was  GEO6030) - Doctoral Training in Physical Geography (from 22/23 onwards)

**Please see note at the bottom of this page

Information School

INF615 (was INF6904) – Doctoral Training in Information Studies


JNL617 (was JNL6900) – Doctoral Training in Journalism

Landscape Architecture

LSC619 (was LSC6000) – Doctoral Training in Landscape

Management School

MGT6284 (was MGT6225) – Doctoral Training in Management

Materials Science & Engineering

MAT654 (was MAT6535) – Transferable Skills 2

MAT655 (was MAT6530) – Transferable Skills

MAT656 (was MAT6540) – Literature Review

Politics & International Relations

POL618 (was POL6618) – Doctoral Training in Politics and International Relations

School of Architecture

ARC605 (was ARC6731) – Doctoral Training in Architecture

School of Clinical Dentistry

DEN630 (was DEN6970) – General Research Skills

DEN631 (was DEN6960) – Literature Review

School of Education

EDU6169 (was EDU6156) – Doctoral Training in Education

School of East Asian Studies

EAS6163 (was EAS6869) – Doctoral Training in East Asian Studies

School of Law

LAW6185 (was LAW6171) – Doctoral Training in Criminology and Law

School of Medicine & Population Health (CDL, MDE, NEU & OCP only)

MED639 (was MED6950) – Research Training: Literature Review

MED641 (was MED6960) – Research Training: Techniques, Safety and Report

Sheffield Methods Institute

SMI623 - Doctoral Training in Social Research (from 22/23 onwards)

Sociological Studies

SCS687 (was SCS6099) – Doctoral Training in Sociological Studies

Urban Studies & Planning

TRP638 (was TRP626) – Doctoral Training in Urban Studies and Planning

* Students registered on programmes in APS, BMS or MBB, who commenced their studies on or before the 20/21 academic year, are required to complete the relevant compulsory modules for their department. However students registered on APS, BMS or MBB programmes in the 21/22 and 22/23 academic years do not have to undertake these modules. This is because they are classed as students of the new School of Biosciences, and will be undertaking different DDP training provision within the new School. For reference, the modules are: APS6010, APS6020, APS6060, BMS6003, BMS6004, MBB6001/MBB6008, MBB6002, MBB6003. 

** All GEO students up to & including the 21/22 academic year are required to complete GEO608. However from 22/23 onwards, GEO608 became the compulsory module for Human Geography students only, with Physical Geography students required to take GEO618 instead.