PGR Publication Scholarships

The University has committed part of its PGR scholarships budget to fund a number of competitive Publication Scholarships.


We have used this opportunity to create a publication that probably would have not happened in other circumstances.

These scholarships are to enable registered postgraduate research students to be funded for an additional period following submission in order to refine and reformat key findings from their PGR research for publication. This is to support PGRs to focus on completing their thesis during their tuition fee-paying period, and pursue opportunities for publication after submission.

The scholarships are open to all PGR students, regardless of the source of funding for their PhD.

Five rounds of the competition have taken place since September 2021. There have been 111 students awarded funding to date: 23 in Arts & Humanities, 17 in Engineering, 24 in Science, 23 in Social Sciences and 24 in Medicine, Dentistry & Health.

Student feedback has confirmed the value of these scholarships in helping Postgraduate Researchers to pursue opportunities to publish their work and enhance their career prospects.

It was a great learning experience that will surely help me in future when I do collaborative research.

I will be utilizing the skills gained during the publication scholarship to carry forward into my academic career.

This scholarship has enhanced my chances of obtaining a lectureship and given me the confidence to pursue independent research.

Below is a sample of papers that have been published via the support offered by the PGR Publication Scholarships scheme.

James Wingham Mechanical Engineering

Tailored additives for incorporation of antibacterial functionality into laser sintered parts

Mary Stuart Electronic and Electrical Engineering

High-resolution hyperspectral imaging using low-cost components: application within environmental monitoring scenarios

William Mihkelson Civil Engineering

Built environment stocks in the context of a master planned city: a case study of Chandigarh, India

Lova Chechik Materials Science and Engineering

Hardness variation in inconel 718 produced by laser directed energy deposition

Charlotte Pughe Materials Science and Engineering

Partitioning the two-leg spin ladder in Ba2Cu1 – xZnxTeO6: from magnetic order through spin-freezing to paramagnetism

Maria Fernanda Velazquez de la Paz Materials Science and Engineering Effect of solvent type on porous structure of emulsion templated poly(glycerol sebacate)-methacrylate
Kimberly Herman Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease

The EGFR/ErbB inhibitor neratinib modifies the neutrophil phosphoproteome and promotes apoptosis and clearance by airway macrophages

Virginia Sherborne Health Sciences

The psychological effects of mesothelioma in the UK military context from the carer’s perspective: a qualitative study

Jake Edmans Clinical Dentistry Electrospinning polymersomes into bead-on-string polyethylene oxide fibres for the delivery of biopharmaceuticals to mucosal epithelia
Carmen-Valentina Apostol Biosciences

hnRNPUL1 ensures efficient Integrator-mediated cleavage of snRNAs and is mutated in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ruoyu Liang Biosciences 

Spatial variation in the sensitivity of freshwater macroinvertebrate assemblages to chemical stressors

Aristotelidou Vasileia Psychology Frontal lobe-related cognition in the context of self-disgust
Visakan Balakumar Mathematics and Statistics

Quantization of a charged scalar field on a charged black hole background

Caroline Curwen Music

Music-colour synaesthesia: a sensorimotor account

Elizabeth MacGregor Music

Characterizing musical vulnerability: toward a typology of receptivity and susceptibility in the secondary music classroom

Rafaella Simas Lima Geography

Subordinate housing financialization: tracing global institutional investment into Lisbon’s urban development

Manuel Heckel Urban Studies and Planning Water utilities as debt emitters: the commercialization of development funding and services provision in Kenya’s water sector

Having three studies published so soon after my PhD submission, will open new doors in terms of my future career as a Lecturer.

These papers will massively improve my research profile.


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