Prize for Innovative Use of Technology in Science Learning

Kroto Research Inspiration prizeThe University of Sheffield is delighted to coordinate the Harry and Margaret Kroto Prize for Innovative Use of Technology in Science Learning.

Sir Harry Kroto died on 30th April 2016 but his legacy continues, this prize, in partnership with the Jacobs Foundation, being one inspirational example.

The prize is awarded annually to students aged 11-18, from any school in the world, for the best video about any Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics subject matter.


Competition rules

Only one entry is permitted per school.

The entry should be presented as a video of no more than 4 minutes in length, be made in English and be submitted by the student's school.

In order to qualify, videos must be hosted on an accessible platform e.g YouTube, Vimeo and linked to from the school's website.

To submit, the entry form (on the right) should be downloaded, completed and sent to

Not sure where to begin? Here are two blog articles about filmmaking and great free filmmaking apps [LINK1] [LINK 2]

Top tips for preparing a strong submission

Storyboard your idea What style will you use Check these things before you get going When it is produced

Consider what will happen in each section

- what is the overall story you want to tell?
-  what is being viewed?
- what is being said?

People talking directly to the camera?
Stop motion? (if so, watch out for glare)

Or will you use a combination?

Audio quality and consistency (you don’t want it too quiet or randomly getting loud)

Does all your equipment work properly, including any props to be used in the film?

Be sure to add credits, especially where you have used Copyrighted material

Check your editing for jumps/breaks

Watch the whole thing back and check for any sound or quality issues

Ask someone who hasn’t been involved in production to give you some feedback

Judges will be scoring on the basis of:

  • Academic Content
  • Use of Technology
  • Communication and presentation
  • Ambassadors for Learning and Science

Annually, there is a 1st prize of £300, 2nd prize of £200 and 3rd prize of £100, plus an additional prize of £200 for the best presentation in English by students whose first language is not English. There is one entry per school permitted and the prize is shared 50/50 between the student and the school.

The University of Sheffield have been absolutely delighted with the number of entries received over the last four years, all of which were of a very high standard. The competition is judged by a specialist panel, including senior academic staff from STEM disciplines and staff with expertise in public engagement, education, science communication and film making.


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