ScHARR research on improving ambulance response performance

Academics from the newly established CURE (Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care Research) are conducting an evaluation of a new way for ambulance services to respond to 999 calls, by changing both the initial questions asked over the phone, and if necessary, allowing more time to assess what help is needed and how quickly. Speaking on BBC's Radio 4 Today programme, the NHS England director of acute care, Prof Keith Willetts said, "We’ve now been trialling this increasingly in ambulance services for those two elements over the last 18 months. We’ve looked at now over 5 million 999 calls with absolutely no safety incidents and we’re seeing that the ambulance services are able to respond better… This is part of a longer study which is being independently reviewed by the University of Sheffield.”

The Ambulance Response Programme (ARP) has been set up by NHS England to explore ways for ambulance services to better manage the increasing demand for their services. The evaluation of the programme will be reported in spring 2017.

Listen again to Prof Keith Willett, NHS England director of acute care, speaking on BBC Radio 4 Today programme - from 02:13:54 onwards