Emergency Admissions Conference - 1st December 2014

The implications of new research for managing and avoiding emergency admissions

Emergency Admissions Conference - 1st December

Emergency admissions are often necessary. However, some patients may be managed appropriately using alternatives to hospital beds.

A number of research studies on emergency admissions, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (Health Services and Delivery Research), have been completed recently. This conference will present the findings from these studies before the reports are published, as well as findings from other recent research on emergency admissions. We will consider the implications of this research for how emergency admissions are managed and avoided if unnecessary.

We welcome policy makers, commissioners, service providers, members of the public and researchers.

The conference is being held at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road, London on Monday the 1st of December 2014. It is free. If you wish to attend then please complete the online registration form via the link below.

Online Registration Form

You can find find the full programme details here, or by looking at the table below:

09.30 Registration opens. Refreshments available
10.00 Welcome
10.10 Professor Alicia O’Cathain & Dr Emma Knowles (University of Sheffield).
How can the emergency and urgent care system operate to avoid emergency admissions?
10.40 Dr Martin Bardsley (Nuffield Trust). Challenges of evaluating integrated care aiming to reduce emergency admissions.
11.10 Discussion followed by refreshments
11.35 Professor Andy Wilson (University of Leicester). Reducing unplanned admissions in those aged 85+: results from a mixed method study.
12.05 Professor Sarah Purdy (University of Bristol). An overview of evaluations of initiatives to reduce emergency admissions.
12.35 Discussion
12.50 Lunch
13.30 Professor Jonathan Pinkney & Dr Susanna Rance (Plymouth University & Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry). Time for care? Patients’ and emergency practitioners’ voices.
14.00 Julia Ross & Brenda Howard (Derbyshire House of Care). The Derbyshire House of Care – tackling Emergency Admissions in a whole systems way   
14.30 Discussion followed by refreshments
14.50 Enid Hirst & Maggie Marsh (Sheffield Emergency Care Forum). A patient and public response to research on emergency admissions.
15.10 John Soady (Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group). How can commissioners use research findings on emergency admissions?
15.30 Final discussion: What actions should be taken by whom?
15.45 Close