What Do Hospital Death Rates Tell Us?

The Mobile University 2013 logoAs part of the Mobile University 2013 programme, ScHARR's Professor of Emergency Medicine Steve Goodacre will be giving a talk on what hospital death rate data can really tell us, all while travelling aboard a double-decker bus.

Hospital death rates are often used to judge the quality of hospital care and identify poorly performing hospitals. These statistics have been used to estimate that hundreds of people died unnecessarily at Stafford Hospital, and to show that people are more likely to die if they are admitted to hospital at the weekend.

This talk will explain how death rates are calculated and analysed, identify common misconceptions and consider whether hospital death rates really do reflect quality of hospital care. For more information about the event, click here.

The Mobile University is a three-day event organised by the University's Public Engagement Team, during which a double-decker bus travels all over Sheffield, delivering free lectures to people in the city who may not have access to the research and teaching that goes on here. For more information on the Mobile University programme, visit their website here.

Ticket Information
Pick up your free tickets from the bus on the day. (Tickets are only available on the day of the talk.)
To make sure you get a place, collect your tickets between 9.30am and 10.50am on Sunday. Or you can turn up before the lecture starts – but spaces are limited.
If the bus fills up, you'll be able to listen to the lecture and watch the presentation in an inflatable dome next to the bus.

About Professor Steve Goodacre
Steve Goodacre is Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Sheffield, and also works as a consultant in the emergency department of the Northern General Hospital. He has undertaken extensive research in emergency care, including research exploring whether risk-adjusted death rates can be used to judge quality of hospital care.