John Richmond and Jeffrey Tochkin: Public Health and Climate Change

In the latest ScHARR Communicable Research podcast, Andy Tattersall is joined by Dr John Richmond and Jeffrey Tochkin to discuss the big topic of health systems and climate change research.

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John Richmond is a Lecturer and Programme Director of the MPH in management and leadership, based in the Public Health group at ScHARR. John earned his PhD in Management from Warwick Business School and completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Operations Management at Warwick evaluating a large-scale quality improvement intervention. During the pandemic, John led a pan-Canadian study of healthcare emergency response to COVID-19. He has over 10 years of health management and leadership experience in public and private healthcare in Canada, USA, and UK. John is also one of our other guest’s PhD supervisor.

Jeffrey Tochkin is Acting Director of Emergency Management at Health Emergency Management British Columbia, Canada and has worked in Healthcare Emergency Management for over 14 years. Jeff has authored and published articles in the Journal of Emergency Management, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, BMJ Leader and Academic Emergency Medicine Educational and Training. He has also presented at several National and International Conferences on topics relating to Emergency Management.

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