12 January 2022

New Publications from ScHARR for December 2021

ScHARR publishes over 400 new journal papers every year across our four sections - Public Health, Health Economics and Decision Science, Design, Trials and Statistics and Health Services Research.

The School of Health and Related Research library.

We have picked out a selection of papers and reports that were published in October (some of these publications may still be in press). You can find Open Access versions via our Open Access Repository – The White Rose Research Online repository

Akparibo, R., Osei-Kwasi, H. A., & Asamane, E. A. (2021). Flipped learning in the context of postgraduate public health higher education : a qualitative study involving students and their tutors. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 18(1). 

Alessa, T., Hawley, M., & de Witte, L. (n.d.). Identification of the Most Suitable App to Support the Self-Management of Hypertension: Systematic Selection Approach and Qualitative Study (Preprint). JMIR Publications Inc. 

Ariss, S. M. B., Taylor, P., Fitzsimmons, D., Kyeremateng, S., & Mawson, S. (2021). Mobile technology and delegated work in specialist community services: the EnComPaSS Integration project. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care. 

Coates, E., Zarotti, N., Williams, I., White, S., Halliday, V., Beever, D., Hackney, G., Stavroulakis, T., White, D., Norman, P., & McDermott, C. (n.d.). Patient, carer and healthcare professional perspectives on increasing calorie intake in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Chronic Illness, 174239532110690–174239532110690. 

Gillespie, B., Allen, H., Pritchard, M., Soma-Pillay, P., Balen, J., & Anumba, D. (n.d.). Agency under constraint: Adolescent accounts of pregnancy and motherhood in informal settlements in South Africa. Global Public Health, 1–14. 

Griffin, N., Philips, S., Hillier-Brown, F., Fairbrother, H., Wistow, J., Holding, E., Powell, K., & Summerbell, C. (2021). A critique of the English national policy from a social determinants of health perspective using a realist and problem representation approach: the “Childhood Obesity: a plan for action” (2016, 2018, 2019). BMC Public Health, 21(2284). 

Kwon, J., Squires, H., Franklin, M., Lee, Y., & Young, T. (n.d.). Economic evaluation of community-based falls prevention interventions: a systematic methodological overview of systematic reviews. 

Raninen, J., Livingston, M., Holmes, J., Svensson, J., & Larm, P. (2021). Declining youth drinking : a matter of faith? Drug and Alcohol Review. 

Schneider, P. (n.d.). The QALY is ableist: on the unethical implications of health states worse than dead. Quality of Life Research. 

Totton, N., Bradburn, M., Hoo, Z. H., Lewis, J., Hind, D., Girling, C., Shepherd, E., Nightingale, J., Daniels, T., Dewar, J., Dawson, S., Carroll, M., Allenby, M., Edenborough, F., Curley, R., Carolan, C., & Wildman, M. (2021). Prospectively predicting Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection/s using routine data from the UK cystic fibrosis register. Health Science Reports, 4(4).