30 November 2021

New Publications from ScHARR for October 2021

ScHARR publishes over 400 new journal papers every year across our four sections - Public Health, Health Economics and Decision Science, Design, Trials and Statistics and Health Services Research.

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We have picked out a selection of papers and reports that were published in October (some of these publications may still be in press). You can find Open Access versions via our Open Access Repository – The White Rose Research Online repository

Akparibo, R., Aryeetey, R. N. O., Asamane, E. A., Osei-Kwasi, H. A., Ioannou, E., Solar, G. I., Cormie, V., Pereko, K. K., Amagloh, F. K., Caton, S. J., & Cecil, J. E. (2021). Food security in Ghanaian urban cities: a scoping review of the literature. Nutrients, 13(10). 

Case, P., Angus, C., De Vocht, F., Holmes, J., Michie, S., & Brown, J. (2021). Has the increased participation in the national campaign ‘Dry January’ been associated with cutting down alcohol consumption in England? Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 227(108938). 

Chambers, D., Cantrell, A., Sworn, K., & Booth, A. (n.d.). How are people with a cognitive impairment investigated to understand the underlying cause of impairment? Descriptive systematic review and critical interpretive synthesis. Health Services and Delivery Research. 

Chatwin, H., Broadley, M., Hendrieckx, C., Carlton, J., Heller, S., Amiel, S. A., Galan, B. E., Hermanns, N., Finke‐Groene, K., Speight, J., & Pouwer, F. (2021). Unmet support needs relating to hypoglycaemia among adults with type 1 diabetes: Results of a multi‐country web‐based qualitative study. Diabetic Medicine, e14727. 

Goodacre, S., Thomas, B., Smyth, M., & Dickson, J. M. (2021). Should prehospital early warning scores be used to identify which patients need urgent treatment for sepsis? BMJ, 2021(375). 

Gray, L., Hernandez, M., & Wailoo, A. (n.d.). Mapping the EORTC QLQ-C30 to EQ-5D-3L in patients with breast cancer. BMC Cancer. 

Kearns, B., Stevenson, M. D., Triantafyllopoulos, K., & Manca, A. (n.d.). Comparing Current and Emerging Practice Models For the Extrapolation of Survival Data: A Simulation Study and Case-Study. BMC Medical Research Methodology. 

Marincowitz, C., Stone, T., Hasan, M., Campbell, R., Bath, P. A., Turner, J., Pilbery, R., Thomas, B., Sutton, L., Bell, F., Biggs, K., Hopfgartner, F., Mazumdar, S., Petrie, J., & Goodacre, S. (n.d.). Accuracy of emergency medical service telephone triage of need for an ambulance response in suspected COVID-19: An observational cohort study. 

Marr, C., Breeze, P., & Caton, S. (2021). A comparison between parent and grandparent dietary provision, feeding styles and feeding practices when caring for preschool-aged children. Appetite, 105777. 

Matlock, K. A., Broadley, M., Hendrieckx, C., Clowes, M., Sutton, A., Heller, S. R., de Galan, B. E., Pouwer, F., Speight, J., & consortium, H.-R. (2021). Changes in quality of life following hypoglycaemia in adults with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review of longitudinal studies. Diabetic Medicine, e14706. 

Mukuria, C., Peasgood, T., & Brazier, J. (n.d.). Applying EuroQol Portable Valuation Technology to the EQ Health and Wellbeing Short (EQHWB-S): a pilot study. In Discussion Paper Series.

Reddington, M., Baxter, S., & Walters, S. J. (2021). A qualitative exploration of patient experiences of medication for sciatica. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 55(102419). 

Simpson, R. M., O’Keeffe, C., Jacques, R. M., Stone, T., Hassan, A., & Mason, S. M. (2021). Non-urgent emergency department attendances in children : a retrospective observational analysis. Emergency Medicine Journal. 

Singh, R., Dawson, J., Mason, P. S., & Lecky, F. (n.d.). What are the functional consequences after TBI? The SHEFBIT cohort experience. Brain Injury, 1–7. 

Song, K., & Lee, A. (2021). Factors influencing the effective management of diabetes during humanitarian crises in low- and middle-income countries : a systematic review. Public Health, 199, 110–117. 

Tice, J. A., Mandrik, O., Thokala, P., Fotheringham, J., & Pearson, S. D. (2021). The effectiveness and value of belimumab and voclosporin for lupus nephritis. Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy, 27(10), 1495–1499. 

Wildman, M. J., O’Cathain, A., Hind, D., Maguire, C., Arden, M. A., Hutchings, M., Bradley, J., Walters, S. J., Whelan, P., Ainsworth, J., Tappenden, P., Buchan, I., Elliott, R., Nicholl, J., Elborn, S., Michie, S., Mandefield, L., Sutton, L., Hoo, Z. H., … Sasso, A. (2021). An intervention to support adherence to inhaled medication in adults with cystic fibrosis : the ACtiF research programme including RCT. Programme Grants for Applied Research, 9(11), 1–146. 

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