ScHARR Alumni Charles Hamilton delivers a speech at the UN to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

One of our ScHARR Alumni has delivered a speech at the United Nations High Level Meeting to Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UN - which took place on September 21st.

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Charles spoke about the opportunity to deliver the speech: "It is a privilege to be able to speak at this high level and I hope that I made young people, Bahamians, people from the Caribbean and public health practitioners across the globe proud (especially those from my alma mater - The University of Sheffield, my faculty, ScHARR, and my former program - Europubhealth+ (European Master in Public Health).”

“When I co-founded the Sheffield World Health Organization (SheffWHO) Simulation nearly four years ago, it was my desire to give young people, particularly public health professionals the practical training, tools, tips, and the platform to advocate on behalf of themselves and the populations they serve at various levels, locally, nationally, and globally. The aim of my speech to the UN was to ensure that Member States do not limit their thinking about how we will tackle key issues like - climate change and universal health coverage - seventy-five years from now, but what will we do now, today, to prioritize these issues”

“It is my continued desire to push for more spaces to be made for people from vulnerable communities and diverse backgrounds in order to shift our unsustainable global practices and I strongly believe the study of public health helps to change our perspectives and channel our efforts towards addressing inequalities and inequities. In a time when the future seems fragile and unclear, it’s up to us to be leveraging our minds and collective knowledge to help build a better a better world."

A transcript of the speech can be viewed on Charles’ Facebook page. Charles Hamilton is also on Twitter.

The video of Charles’ speech can be accessed below - which starts at 9:55.

Source: Join UN75 YouTube
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