7 February 2022

ScHARR's Communicable Research - Episode 8 - Youth Drinking in Decline with Dr Laura Fenton, Professor John Holmes and Dr Abigail Stevely

In this latest episode of ScHARR’s Communicable Research podcast Andy Tattersall joined by Professor John Holmes, Dr Laura Fenton and Dr Abigail Stevely from the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group.

Communicable Research Podcast Graphic

In this podcast we’re talking about the topic of alcohol consumption and its decline among young people.

A ScHARR led report funded by the Wellcome Trust from 2018 that was co-authored by Professor Holmes found that young people in England are drinking less. They looked at evidence from multiple surveys that showed a consistent pattern over 10-15 years of reduced participation in drinking, reduced consumption levels among drinkers, reduced prevalence of drunkenness and less positive attitudes towards alcohol.

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