ScHARR Research Information Governance

ScHARR is home to world-leading health research. We are ranked 4th in the UK for the power of our research (quality and quantity).

It is essential that we manage the information we hold in an effective and secure way, in particular that which is personal or sensitive. Information governance (IG) encompasses a set of standards and guidance which describe how information should be handled.

The ScHARR Information Governance Committee is responsible for the creation, dissemination and implementation of information governance policies and processes which demonstrate that we can be trusted to maintain confidentiality and security. Information Governance (IG) is the way in which organisations (whether inside or outside the NHS) handle information, in particular that which is considered to be personal or sensitive.

Information is a vital asset, both in terms of the clinical management of individual patients and the efficient management of services and resources. It plays a key part in clinical governance, service planning and performance management.

NHS Digital Information Governance Policy

Essential training for all ScHARR staff and students

The ScHARR Information Governance Policy applies to all those within ScHARR who receive, store, process or have any other form of contact with data collected for use in, or produced as a result of, research projects. As it's possible that anyone in the School will encounter sensitive information, all staff and students must have completed and passed the assessment in each section of the Information Security Training. This requirement includes Emeritus, Honorary, Visiting and short-term contract staff.

Developing a questionnaire?

Qualtrics survey software is the ScHARR IG approved and licensed system for secure collection of data. To request use of the ScHARR Qualtrics license please contact ScHARR DS (ScHARR staff and students only).  

Advice for staff

Do you need NHS data for research?

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                      Updates, guidance and tips from the Committee

Your information security training must be up to date to ensure you have access to all the relevant data, files, servers and systems for your work.

If you have any queries about this please contact your Section Lead or the IG Committee Administrator.

link to training

This Training link will take you to an online learning page so you may need to enter your University Username and password. Please complete these five sections of the training:


Please also see the Mandatory and Recommended Training for ScHARR Staff page for links to other research-related information governance training.

If you need or would like extra, more detailed security training please contact the Committee