The HAR6035 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal is a core module of the MPH, MPH (HSR), MDPH post-graduate taught (PGT) programmes of study. For the 2018-19 session there were 153 students registered on the module. The module is co-ordinated by Professor Stephen Walters in DTS.

The course is delivered through an innovative mix of teaching methods. These include: large whole group lectures followed by quizzes using the TurningPoint interactive polling software (which helps teachers foster active learning environments and identify student progress through real-time feedback); small group tutorial teaching; online formative assessments in MOLE and bespoke screencasts or recordings of the lectures.

Thanks to all those who helped with the teaching (Mark Strong, Richard Jacques, Laura Mandefield, Jean Hamilton, Rebecca Simpson, Geoff Holmes, Munya Dimairo, Steven Julious, Ines Henriques-Cadby) it was a ScHARR effort; but a special mention should go to Rebecca Simpson who stood in for Stephen Walters whilst he was on Jury Service.