PhD Graduations


We are pleased to announce that Lyn Taylor,  Jennifer Lai and Chris Littlewood have successfully completed their PhD's.

Lyn Taylor was funded by the MRC and completed her PhD in 2014. 

Lyn used the partial least squares framework to build multivariate predictive models for Rheumatoid Arthritis severity from high dimensional genetic variants.  She found that the two-stage method worked well to predict severity from factors with individually large effects. It did not perform so well with weak predictors.  Lyn proposed and validated a more robust three stage strategy for multivariate models including weak predictors. Her supervisors were Dr Dawn Teare (Scharr) and Professor Gerry Wilson (now University College Dublin).

Jennifer Lai recently graduated from the University of Sheffield after completing her PhD entitled “The seasonality and environmental triggers of medical contact made by school-age asthmatics and non-asthmatics: a retrospective case-control study”.

Her PhD was under the supervision of Professor Steven Julious in the Medical Statistics Group and helped to inform the PLEASANT project: the current HTA funded trial taking place in DTS.

Jennifer is currently working for the Knowledge and Intelligence Service, Public Health England in Sheffield as a Public Health Intelligence Analysis.

Chris Littlewood recently graduated from the University of Sheffield after completing his PhD entitled “Self-managed loaded exercise for rotator cuff tendinopathy”.  Chris undertook his PhD as part of an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.

Chris LittlewoodChris’s PhD thesis aimed to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a self-managed loaded exercise programme for rotator cuff tendinopathy. The mixed methods SELF study comprised a multi-centre pragmatic randomised controlled trial (n = 86) which was conducted in the UK NHS to evaluate clinical effectiveness; an economic analysis was conducted alongside the trial to evaluate cost-effectiveness; and a qualitative study was undertaken to identify some of the barriers and facilitators concerning implementation of the self-managed exercise intervention.

His PhD was under the supervision of Professor Stephen Walters and Professor Sue Mawson in HSR and Dr Stephen May (Sheffield Hallam University).

Chris is currently working as Research Fellow/Proposal Developer in the CTRU.