38th Research Students Conference in Probability & Statistics 2015, Leeds

DTS Postgraduate Students at the Research Student Conference 2015

Five postgraduate research students from DTS attended the 38th Research Students' Conference in Probability & Statistics in Leeds which ran from 3rd to 6th August 2015.

In the picture from the right: Eoin Gray presented his work on "How well do Current Lung Cancer Risk Prediction Models Perform?", Amy Whitehead presented her work on "Designing Randomised Controlled Trials Based on Internal Pilot Trials", Rebecca Simpson presented her work on "An Investigation of the Factors which Influence Children with Asthma Having Asthma Exacerbation Around the Start of the New School Year" and Fabrizio Messina presented his work on "Bayesian Multivariate Network Meta-analysis of Ordered Categorical Data".

Joanne Rothwell (on the left), who is in the first year of her PhD, also attended the conference.

Further details, including abstracts, can be found in the conference booklet.