Research: Medical Statistics Group

The Medical Statistics Group undertakes a broadly based research programme in applied projects and in statistical methodology. The applied work generates methodological questions, and the methodological research feeds back into the applied studies.

The Medical Statistics Group works on the application of statistical methododology to substantive issues in health research. This frequently requires the development of existing and new methodology.

We have strong links with the NHS, providing a research design service (RDS) through the NIHR RDS for Yorkshire and Humber, and collaborating with health researchers across South Yorkshire and beyond. We also work with industrial, national and international partners in the health area.

Some examples of our methodological interests are:

  • Clinical trial design and analysis, particularly sample size
  • Cluster Randomised trials
  • Design, Analysis and interpretation of studies with Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) outcome measures.
  • Computer intensive methods – the bootstrap.
  • Health Services Research and Technology Assessment.
  • Economic Evaluations alongside clinical trials.
  • Study design and sample size determination.
  • Time series analysis.
  • Clinical pharmacology.
  • Bias in trials.
  • Epidemiology.