Teaching: Medical Statistics Group

The Medical Statistics Group aims to develop and deliver excellent quality research-informed teaching relevant to today's students, at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development levels.

The statisticians' in the Medical Statistics Group teach and examine across the whole range of ScHARRĀ“s teaching activities. The key courses that we teach are:

We also co-ordinate several teaching modules including:

  • HAR6035 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal (Co-ordinated by Stephen Walters)
  • HAR6036 Statistics for the Health and Medical Sciences (Co-ordinated by Steven Julious)
  • HAR6042 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal (Distance Learning version) (Co-ordinated by Dawn Teare)
  • HAR6045 Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers (Co-ordinated by Jeremy Dawson)
  • MAS6061 Epidemiology
  • MAS6062 Further Clinical Trials

We now have a common core basic medical statistics curriculum that all the MSG statisticians can now teach.

The group is keen to promote excellence in its teaching activities and to develop new ways of teaching statistics to less numerate students.