White Rose Initiative on Health Technology Assessment

WRIHTA was established in recognition of the significant shared research agenda of the ScHARR and CHEBS at the University of Sheffield, the Academic Unit of Health Economics at the University of Leeds, and the Centre for Health Economics of the University of York. Its objective is to facilitate effective collaboration between the three research centres in order to promote progress on the shared areas of interest.

WRIHTA holds regular joint seminars to discuss position papers and identify collaborative research funding opportunities.

Since November 2003, WRIHTA has produced working papers on issues as diverse as the use of probabilistic sensitivity analysis within the NICE Appraisal process; the role of patients in providing health state preference data for health care resource allocation processes; the appropriate methods for the appraisal of orphan drugs; the rationale for the choice of discount rate in the NICE appraisal process and a critical review of the role of economic evaluations alongside clinical trials. Where appropriate, these position papers are released as Discussion Papers from the Universities of Sheffield and York.

The future work programme includes the use of the Net Benefit Framework in pharmaceutical licensing; and methods for incorporating equity weights into cost effectiveness models.

Publications and Discussion Papers:

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