Generic Cancer Screen - Economic modelling report

S Whyte, D Pollard, I Cree


Screening for multiple cancer types in a single test has the potential to offer both cost savings and health gains in comparison to offering several separate type-specific programmes. There are a large number of blood based biomarkers which are common to multiple cancer types. If used individually, these biomarkers are generally not sufficiently sensitive or specific to be used for early detection of cancer, nor is their yield of cancers detected per cohort of patients screened sufficiently high to make them economically efficient. It is possible that by combining several different biomarkers a blood based cancer screening test with sufficiently high sensitivity, specificity, and efficiency could be developed. The UK Early Cancer Detection Consortium (ECDC) was formed in 2012 to develop a multi-marker, multi-cancer, blood based generic screening test to be used in national screening programmes. The intention of the ECDC is to develop a test will both indicate the possibility of cancer, and provide guidance on which type of cancer is suspected.

The objectives of this study are to develop an early economic model to evaluate an early generic cancer screening programme and to identify what evidence needs to be generated to allow for robust economic evaluation in the future.