Conference Posters 2015

From this page, you can download copies of posters presented by HEDS staff.

ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress
8-11 November 2015
Milan, Italy

ISPOR Milan 2015 - J SandersonClinical effectiveness of bisphosphonates for prevention of fragility fractures: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Sanderson J, Martyn-St James M, Davis S, Stevens J W, Goka E, Sadler S

ISPOR Milan 2015 - S HarnanExhaled nitric oxide for the diagnosis of asthma in adults and children: a systematic review

Harnan, S, Essat M, Gomersall T, Tappenden P, Wong R, Lawson R, Pavord I, Everard M

ISPOR Milan 2015 - A AlshreefMethods to account for follow-up time differences when calculating QALYs from randomised controlled trials

Abualbishr Alshreef and Eldon Spackman

ISOQOL 22nd Annual Conference
21 - 24 October 2015
Vancouver, Canada

P Thokala Isoqol poster 2015Using real world data to structure and populate Markov models - a case study of telemonitoring for heart failure

Thokala, P; Dodd, P; Dixon, S; Brennan, A

ISOQOL 2015 poster - R DuncanSelecting Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA): Integrating Systematic Review and Qualitative Evidence Synthesis Methods

Duncan, R; Jones G; Essat, M; Poku, E; Phillips, P; Buckley Woods, H; Booth, A; Palfreyman, S; Kaltenthaler, E; Michaels, J

Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference 2015
7-10 September 2015
Exeter, UK

RSS 2015 P DoddOptimizing route choice in Mini-mountain marathons

Dodd, P

PHE Applied Epidemiology Scientific Meeting
18-19 March 2015
Warwick University,UK

applied epidemiology poster - S SadlerComparing socioeconomic gradients in alcohol-related harm between the four UK countries

S Sadler, C Angus, L Gell, D Gillespie, J Holmes, A Brennan, P Meier

Quality in Mental Health Conference
23 March 2015
London, UK

ReQoL PosterReQoL - Recovering Quality of Life

A Keetharuth, J Connell, M Karimi, M Barkham, T Ricketts and J Brazier

ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting
16-20 May 2015
Philadelphia, USA

A Pandor ISPOR Poster May 2015Remote monitoring strategies for patients with stable heart failure: A systematic review and network meta-analysis

Pandor A, Gomersall T, Stevens JW, Wong R

ISPOR Rafia EQ5D Poster May 2015Exploratory psychometric analysis of the EQ-5D in a Myelofibrosis population

Rachid Rafia, Clara Mukuria

ISPOR R Rafia EORTC Poster May 2015Does the generic cancer outcome measure EORTC QLQ-C30 work in Myelofibrosis?

Clara Mukuria, John Brazier, Rachid Rafia

SMDM 15th Biennial European Meeting
8-10 June 2015
Antwerp, Belgium

SMDM Sophie Whyte June 2014The value of investing in implementation activities: A case study in natriuretic peptide testing for diagnosing suspected heart failure

Whyte, S, Dixon, S, Faria, R, Walker, S, Sculpher, M, Palmer, S

HTAI 12th Annual Meeting
15-17 June 2015
Oslo, Norway

HTAI 2015 C CarrollQualitative evidence synthesis can inform recommendations in NICE clinical guidelines

Chris Carroll

HTAI 2015 Poster E PokuPatient-reported outcome measures in patients with peripheral artery disease: a systematic review

Poku E, Essat M, Duncan R, Phillips P, Woods H, Palfreyman S, Jones G, Kaltenthaler E, Michaels J


HTAI 2015 Poster M EssatPatient-reported outcome measures in patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Essat M, Poku E, Phillips P, Woods H, Palfreyman S, Jones G, Duncan R, Kaltenthaler E, Michaels J


Eva Kaltenthaler HTAi 2015The use of rapid review methods in Health Technology Assessments: 3 case studies

Eva Kaltenthaler