Mental Health Research Unit

Improving the treatment and care of those with mental illness, their families and carers

EURIPIDES project on use of patient feedback

The EURIPIDES research project, led by Prof Scott Weich (Head of the MHRU), has made a series of recommendations for NHS mental health trusts to change the way they collect and use patient feedback to improve the quality of care for inpatients.

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New Health Foundation research project on retention of mental health staff

Find out about the new RoMHS project led by Dr Emily Wood

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MHRU research into ethnicity and admissions

Prof Scott Weich is part of a team that has looked at Size and clustering of ethnic groups and rates of psychiatric admission in England

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Meet the team

In the Mental Health Research Unit, we are a multidisciplinary, multi-professional group of academic staff, Research Fellows, Research Associates and administrative staff. Currently MHRU includes both clinical and non-clinical academics, as well as honorary members of staff

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