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AdEPT: Understanding and Preventing the Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies

Questionnaires and Interviews

• The aim of this work package is to explore what happens when therapy (‘talking treatments’, counselling, psychotherapy, psychological therapy) fails or ‘goes wrong’.
• We will do this by exploring clients' and therapists' first hand experiences of when therapy goes wrong through questionnaire data, telephone and face to face interviews.
• The findings from this study will inform the development of potential tools to reduce the risk of people being harmed by psychological treatments.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the study to date by completing questionnaires and taking part in interviews.

We are currently in the process of undertaking telephone and face to face to interviews with both clients and therapists. The aim of these interviews is to build understanding of how therapy can 'go wrong' and what might help to prevent therapy failing in the future.

We are also analysing the questionnaire data. We had an excellent response from both clients and therapists and therefore have a lot of data available to explore. Analysis of the therapist questionnaires is nearing completion, and we then plan to move on to analyse the client questionnaires.

All analyses from this work package will be used to develop ideas and tools for Work Package 5.