Public Health Research Themes

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Health Equity and Inclusion

The Health Equity and Inclusion group works in partnership with local people and wider stakeholders to improve understanding of, and support informed action on, health inequity.

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Knowledge into Action

The Knowledge into Action research theme aims to bring together a diverse network of researchers and external partners who are working together to ensure research is effectively and appropriately informing policy and practice in the widest sense.

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Health and the Environment

Our interests include
• Natural environments and green spaces
• Built and urban environments
• Food and obesogenic environments
• Environments and health inequalities
• Physical environment (air, water, soil, radiation)
• Climate change and disaster management

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We are also home to the Yorkshire Health Study - Are you Yorkshire Fit?

Alcohol team May 2014

Alcohol Policy

Our work is influential in informing current debate on alcohol policy and our Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model has provided a key evidence base for debates around minimum unit pricing in the UK and beyond.

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Food and Nutrition

The Food and Nutrition research theme brings together a multi-disciplinary group of academics, researchers and PhD students whose common interest is in the interaction between food, nutrition and society.

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Global Health Management and Policy

In the Global Health Management and Policy group we are interested in maternal and child health and nutrition, health care planning, global health systems and health policy, leadership and governance in health, human resources for health, system-wide challenges and opportunities posed by emerging infectious diseases and neglected tropical diseases, and operational and implementation research across Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.