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All of our courses offer challenging content which explores the key issues and debates about East Asian culture and society along with the opportunity to learn an East Asian language.

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We believe in research-led teaching; which means that the world class research done within the department is incorporated directly into our courses.

We offer a wide variety of courses which all offer something different. You can choose to focus your studies on learning an East Asian language in one of our four-year language-based degree courses in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Alternatively, you can study the contemporary development and modern history of the East Asian region in our three-year East Asian Studies course, which does not have a compulsory language component, but allows you to study the basics of any of the three languages.

Single honours

Single honours allows you to go into greater depth about the country and language you have chosen. Unlike dual honours students, you can choose more modules specialising in your chosen country and its language. You also get more unrestricted modules, which allow you to take subjects outside of your course.

Courses for 2020 start

Course structure and module information for our Single Honours courses can be found here

Dual honours

Dual honours means you can combine Japanese, Korean or Chinese language with a different subject. In other words your degree will be in two disciplines.

Bear in mind the distinction between 'and' and 'with' for dual honours degrees:

  • ‘And’ degrees (eg Business Management and Japanese Studies) involve a 50/50 split between the two subjects.
  • ‘With’ degrees allow you to choose a ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ focus (eg Chinese Studies with Japanese would mean Chinese as a Major and Japanese as a Minor)

Please note that the Japanese components of degrees 'with Japanese' are only taught from beginners level and applicants with a qualification in Japanese higher than GCSE level cannot be considered.

Any dual honours degree where an East Asian language is the major involves a year abroad in Asia. Our BA Chinese Studies with Japanese, and Korean Studies with Japanese courses involve a year abroad studying in the country of your major subject (China or Korea) and do not involve an element of study in Japan.

Courses for 2020 start

Teaching and learning changes for 2020-21

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to teaching and learning for some courses in the 2020-21 academic year.

Find out about teaching and learning changes

These pages will be updated regularly, so please check back for the latest information about your course.

Year abroad

As part of the four-year language-based degrees you will spend a year abroad at one of our partner universities in East Asia. This will give you an invaluable opportunity to put your language skills into practice, as well as learn about the people and culture first-hand.

On our BA East Asian Studies programme you have opportunity to apply for the Global Opportunities Year Abroad Programme. The programme has exchange agreements with institutions in Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand or the USA. This is something you can apply to do once you are studying here.

Degrees with Employment Experience (DEE)

A degree ‘with Employment Experience’ offers you the opportunity to further develop your knowledge, skills and understanding within an employment context by undertaking a one year work placement as part of your degree programme.

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