I am doing an MA because it is a major step toward my career development

SLC Ojotule Ichado
MA student
MA Modern Languages and Cultures
Ojotule is currently studying on the MA Modern Languages and Cultures.
SLC Ojotule Ichado

Why are you doing an MA?

I am doing an MA because it is a major step toward my career development.

What’s the topic of your MA dissertation and why is it interesting?

The topic of my MA dissertation is "La théorie de la dépendance dans Le Mandat de Sembène Ousmane : un examen de la relation Afrique-Europe". It is a research aimed at exploring the Europe-Africa relationship through the lens of post-colonial literature. The work is interesting because it is on a subject that has contemporary implications.

What’s it like being a postgraduate in the School of Languages & Cultures?

It has been such a wonderful experience being an MA student at The School of Languages and Cultures. It is an academic unit that houses diverse pathways in languages and cultures, a peculiarity that creates room for everyone. Since courses are issue-based, it is easy to relate learning to the real world, making academic activities worthwhile and effective. One particular thing I love so much is the accomodating nature of staff in the School, everybody is always ready and happy to listen and talk.

How did you find the first few months, in particular?

It was a fascinating start. I felt at home immediately after I met Caroline Worldley who gave such great support during the application process. The welcome party was a fun-filled way to settle in. It was also easy for me to settle in for classes because Dr. Carmen Ramos-Villa did a great job in guiding us through the choice of modules.

What additional opportunities are there in the School?

Being a school where many languages are studied, you can easily learn a new language. It is as well an avenue to expand your network as you meet people of diverse national origin.

What are your plans for after your MA?

My plans after my MA is to first return to my job while I get ready to start my PhD.

Can you describe the School in 3 words?

Efficient, well-organized, Multicultural

If you are now working, please tell us what your job is and how the skills gained in your MA studies has helped you.

I teach French in Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa, Nigeria. The MA studies has broadened my scope of understanding of French and francophone culture generally. I was as well exposed to dimensions of research in the course, which will boost my efficiency in teaching French Language and Cultures.

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