Emeritus Professor Glenys Parry

BA, Dip.Clin.Psych, PhD, C.Psychol, FBPsS

Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health

Professor of Applied Psychological Therapies

+44 114 222 0856

Full contact details

Emeritus Professor Glenys Parry
Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health
Regent Court (ScHARR)
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

I am an Emeritus Professor, a chartered clinical psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and an accredited psychotherapist and NHS Consultant. My career spans five areas – research, teaching, clinical practice, health services policymaking, and NHS senior management. I have a longstanding commitment to using research to improve practice (and vice versa) and have led or contributed to many national policy initiatives in clinical psychology and psychological therapies. I have conducted research in the fields of mental health, life event stress, social support, health inequalities and psychological therapies.

Current projects

  • IQuESTS: Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Services, Therapies and Self-Management in Longer-term Depression. 2009-2013. South Yorkshire CLAHRC.
  • AdEPT: Understanding and Preventing Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies. 2011-2014. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit.
Research interests

My interests include the application of research to policy and practice, service evaluation, process and outcomes of psychotherapy in health service settings and psychotherapeutic competence.

Recent research includes an evaluation of the new model of psychological service delivery "Improving Access to Psychological Therapies" and an investigation into research-based methods of improving the quality and effectiveness of psychological services for people with long-term depression.

Research group

PhD Students

  • Kate Doran
  • Rebecca Hutten
  • Carole Hirst
Teaching interests

I teach medical students, MRC Psych candidates, clinical psychologists and Cognitive Analytic Therapy practitioner trainees.

Professional activities and memberships

As a consultant clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust I offer assessment and therapy services to people with longer-term and complex mental health problems. I also supervise clinical training cases for people learning cognitive analytic therapy.

Key publications
  1. Stevenson MD, Scope A, Sutcliffe PA, Booth A, Slade P, Parry G, Saxon D, Kalthenthaler E, group cognitive behavioural therapy for postnatal depression advisory group (2010) Group cognitive behavioural therapy for postnatal depression: a systematic review of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and value of information analyses. Health Technol Assess 14(44):1-iv.
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