Jen-Yu (Amy) Chang

BSc (Pharm), MSc (ClinPharm)

Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health

PhD student

Amy Chang
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Jen-Yu (Amy) Chang
Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health
Regent Court (ScHARR)
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

I am a PhD student based in the Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Centre in Public Health, Economics and Decision Science (PHEDS). During my first year, I engaged in several research attachments, including exploring appropriate response options in preference-based outcome measures, uncertainties in health economic models, and characteristics of sustained participation in Parkrun events.

Before joining SCHARR, I earned a BSc in Pharmacy and an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy at the National Taiwan University, where I underwent both health research and bedside clinical training. My masters thesis evaluated the cost-effectiveness of a pharmacist-led anticoagulation service. I gained public sector experience by interning at Taiwan's health technology assessment body, the Center for Drug Evaluation.

After my masters I joined the School of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University as a Research Assistant. Within this post, I was predominantly responsible for oncology economic evaluation projects. I also performed analyses in other collaboration projects covering a wide range of topics using surveys and nationwide claims databases. These included EQ-5D-5L evaluation and health care utilization/epidemiology studies in oncology and maternal health. Additionally, I worked as a part-time community pharmacist from time to time.

Research interests

My current research interests lie in health economic modelling and related research methodologies with an emphasis on the comparison of treatment sequences. From a wider perspective, I am interested in applying causal inference methods and using real-world data to inform economic evaluation. 

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I am an active learner and keen on having exposure to innovative analytical methods and interdisciplinary research.

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Professor Nicholas Latimer

Professor Jim Chilcott

Teaching interests

I have led tutorials for an MBChB module about medical research design, and critical appraisals of RCTs and systematic reviews. I am also a peer mentor for incoming PhD students.