HAR61002: Health Promotion - online

The Health Promotion module runs in the Spring semester and is worth 15 credits.


The Health Promotion module runs in the Spring semester and is worth 15 credits. The course leader is TBC.

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This module is available as a CPD option

This module is available University-wide in any year as a DDP module


Health Promotion attempts to enable people to take control over and improve their own health.  It builds on knowledge from behavioural science that individual behaviour and health are determined by the social, physical and economic environment.  This module will consider the nature of health promotion from a global perspective, the associated ideological dilemmas, current understanding of individual and group behaviours, methods of promoting health and the evaluation of health promotion.  The module will use the 5 key principles within the Ottawa Charter applied to health promotion as a framework.  Case studies will be used to give students practical examples of health promotion in different countries


  1. To develop a critical awareness of the theory, concepts and practical issues relating to health promotion.
  2. To introduce key principles and methods in health promotion.
  3. Explore key debates and discussions within health promotion.
  4. To evaluate a range of health promotion strategies in different fields.
  5. Develop critical and global awareness of the practical application of health promotion in different contexts.
  6. Reflect on own current health promotion practice

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an awareness of the key concepts of health promotion.
  2. Reflect on the theoretical basis for health promotion.
  3. Appreciate the main approaches that can be used in implementing health promotion at individual, community, and policy development levels.
  4. Demonstrate a critical approach to the methods of implementing health promotion.
  5. Evaluate examples of health promotion practice in a variety of settings.
  6. Develop an awareness of global approaches to health promotion.
  7. Reflect on the principles and application of health promotion in the context of own professional practice.
  8. Develop information literacy skills.

Teaching methods

The module will be delivered via twelve online sessions.  Each session will introduce key concepts, theories, and substantive background materials through a combination of screencasts and text (LOs 1-8).  Supplementary reading, available through the library services, will enable the student to further their knowledge (LOs 1-8).  Students will explore areas of health promotion through selected web links and videos, which will provide the basis for discussion of key themes in responses to questions provided by the module.  Students will be expected to undertake independent study and will be provided with reading lists and other teaching materials to guide their learning and to enable them to achieve each of the module learning outcomes. Some sessions will involve online discussions.  These are intended to facilitate a deeper awareness of the material and provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion of key concepts and theories as they relate to health promotion practice.

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Information last updated: 10 October 2023

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