Sheffield Myeloma Research Team

Sheffield Myeloma Research Team (SMaRT) are a group of researchers and clinicians dedicated to searching for a cure to myeloma.

A medical student conducting research with a syringe.

Our aim is to develop new and existing drugs to treat myeloma-induced bone disease and to target dormant myeloma cells and/or minimal residual disease, ultimately improving the quality of life of patients with myeloma. 

The group is led by Dr Shelly Lawson (Lecturer in Cancer and Bone Biology) an expert in murine models of myeloma and Dr Andy Chantry (Haematology Consultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer) who provides access to clinical samples and advice on designing myeloma clinical trials.

We have strong clinical links with colleagues in the Sheffield Teaching Hospital, in particular Professor John Snowden (Consultant Haematologist), and have posts on the UK Myeloma Forum and Bone Research Society executive committees.

We have previously been awarded a £1.2 million pound Specialist Programme Award from Blood Cancer UK to treat myeloma-induced bone disease. We also have various awards from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals including one to assess the use of oncolytic virus therapy in myeloma; and an NC3Rs studentship award to target dormant myeloma cells using a 3D in vitro model to reduce the use of animals in research. 

We are very grateful to the staff and students who have enthusiastically assisted us in our research.

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