1.5T multi-nuclear whole body MRI system – GE Artist

Our 1.5T GE Artist MRI scanner, situated at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, has a max gradient of 44mT/m, max slew rate of 200mT/m/s, and a 70cm bore.

GE Healthcare Artist - a 1.5T MRI scanner - housed at the University of Sheffield MRI Unit

Planning a New MRI Study?

We run four whole body MRI scanners across the two clinical research sites in Sheffield. All systems are located in a setting that is clinically covered for patient based imaging research.

All scanners have full multi-nuclear transmit-receive capability and 32 RF receive channels. Systems are equipped with RF coils for 1H, 129Xe, 31P, 3He, 19F, 13C and 23Na.

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