International experts join SPERI’s new advisory board

SPERI is delighted to confirm the appointment of our new International Advisory Board.

SPERI - International advisory board

The new international advisory board is comprised of 18 leading experts with vast experience of working at the cutting edge of policy and research environments – across academia, government, international organisations, think tanks and the media.

The new advisory board members are:

  • Jacqueline Best, Professor at the School of Political Studies, the University of Ottawa
  • Gurminder K Bhambra, Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, University of Sussex 
  • David W. Blight, Sterling Professor of History, Yale University
  • Jennifer Clapp, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and Sustainability, University of Waterloo
  • Rana Foroohar, Global Business Columnist and Associate Editor, Financial Times
  • Kieran Guilbert, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England
  • Eric Helleiner, Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo
  • Gavin Kelly, Chair, Resolution Foundation
  • Daniel Mügge, Professor of Political Arithmetic, University of Amsterdam
  • Jamie Peck, Canada Research Chair in Urban and Regional Political Economy, University of British Columbia
  • V. Spike Peterson, Professor of International Relations, University of Arizona
  • Anne Posthuma, Senior Employment Specialist, International Labour Organization
  • Randeep Ramesh, Chief Leader Writer, The Guardian
  • Jennifer (JJ) Rosenbaum, US Director of Global Labor Justice
  • Vivien Schmidt, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Boston University
  • Robbie Shilliam, Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins University
  • Helen Thompson, Professor of Political Economy, University of Cambridge

Commenting on the appointment of the new International Advisory Board, Professor Genevieve LeBaron, Director of SPERI said:
We are thrilled that so many prestigious experts have committed to support the development of new research at SPERI. They include a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, a cutting-edge legal scholar, award-winning journalists, influential policymakers from the Bank of England and the ILO, as well as leading North American, European and UK academics whose scholarship across the fields of political economy, law, geography, international relations, and history is pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge about contemporary societies.

Professor Colin Hay said
Our aim is to develop new analysis and understanding of contemporary capitalism and to translate our ideas into feasible policy proposals. The opportunity to work with the influential scholars, policy-makers, journalists and opinion formers on our new advisory board is tremendously exciting. experience, ideas and expertise will help us to develop new ways of thinking about today’s economic and political challenges.