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A podcast tackling the big questions in political economy


'SPERI Presents…' is a podcast produced by colleagues at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, taking on the big questions in political economy for scholars, students and publics within and beyond the discipline.

Across the 'SPERI Presents...' series, we bring insights from foundational debates and brand new research in the field to make sense of the social world around us by foregrounding the power relations of the global economy. We invite academics and practitioners to discuss contemporary capitalism, its ever-shifting dynamics, crises and governance - and how this shapes our experience of everyday life.

Introducing SPERI Presents...

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In this short episode, SPERI researchers discuss how political economy approaches that focus on power, struggle and the intersection of politics with the economy help them make sense of the world around them.

Listen here on Acast, Spotify and the University of Sheffield Player.

Lessons in Power: what can the new Labour government learn from the last one?

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Lessons in Power is SPERI Presents… first limited series. Professor Michael Jacobs and Mems Ayinla interview ministers and advisors from the New Labour administration (1997-2010) to tease out lessons on a range of issues for Keir Starmer’s newly formed Labour government.

Guests include former Cabinet Ministers David Blunkett (discussing immigration policy) and Clare Short (discussing overseas development and foreign policy); former special advisers Stewart Wood (on European policy), Carey Oppenheim (on social inclusion and poverty policy) and Meg Russell (on constitutional reform), the former heads of both the No 10 Policy Unit (Nick Pearce) and Strategy Unity (Geoff Mulgan) and both Tony Blair's political secretary Sally Morgan and Gordon Brown's deputy chief of staff Gavin Kelly (on how to manage a Prime Minister). 

Listen now on Acast and Spotify.

Upcoming series

SPERI Presents… is currently developing a number of series aimed at discussing cutting edge research in the field of political economy, exploring the newest innovations within the discipline, and providing accessible introductions to key concepts and debates for newcomers.


SPERI Presents… welcomes proposals for limited series from colleagues both within and outside of the institute. We can offer support for series development, production, editing and marketing. Please contact speri@sheffield.ac.uk to learn more about our guidelines and to discuss your proposal.

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