SPERI Doctoral Researchers Network


The SPERI Doctoral Researchers Network was established in February 2019, to provide an academic and intellectual community for post-graduate researchers at the University of Sheffield who are working on questions that relate to SPERI’s four central research themes. Political economy is interdisciplinary by its nature, and as such we aim to provide a space for research students across the university to come together and discuss how best to study and understand contemporary capitalism. We also want to provide opportunities for members to develop the intellectual and professional skills needed to become fully fledged political economy scholars working at the cutting edge of the field.

Through the network, we have run workshops and events that focus on the theory, methodology and day-to-day practicalities of becoming a scholar of political economy. These have included a publishing masterclass with Prof. Daniel Mugge (University of Amsterdam), a methodology workshop with Prof. Jacqueline Best (University of Ottawa) and a workshop on citation practices with Dr. Ellie Gore (University of Manchester) and Dr. Nabeela Ahmed (Sheffield Hallam University).

The network conveners are Remi Edwards, James Jackson, Georgette Fernandez Laris, Frank Maracchione and Charline Sempéré.

We are always happy to welcome new members. If you would like to be included on the mailing list to be informed of upcoming events, please contact one of the conveners.