Leah Downey joins SPERI as a visiting researcher from Harvard

We are very pleased to welcome Leah Downey to SPERI as a visiting doctoral researcher from Harvard University. Leah will be a visiting researcher at SPERI during 2021.

SPERI - Leah Downey

Leah’s research centres on the relationship between democracy and macroeconomic policymaking. Her work stems from the basic observation that economic theory is fundamentally a form of political philosophy since how a society governs itself and how it organizes production are structurally intertwined.

Leah’s doctoral research explores the democratic politics of monetary policy. Contributing to democratic theory she develops a theory of the relationship between the health of a democracy over time and its approach to delegating political power. Applying this theory to monetary policy in the United States, Leah’s PhD dissertation questions the contemporary monetary policy governance regime and proposes alternatives.

Leah is a PhD candidate in the department of Government at Harvard University where her supervisory committee comprises Danielle Allen, Richard Tuck, Lucas Stanczyk , Mark Blyth, and Paul Tucker. Before joining Harvard Leah received an MSc in Economics and Philosophy from LSE and B.A.s in both Economics and Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.