‘Navigating Storms’: New report published as part of Challenge Poverty Week 2021

A new report has been published this week as part of the ESRC funded ‘Food vulnerability during COVID-19‘ research project and in partnership with Church Action on Poverty (CAP).

SPERI - Navigating-Storms

The report Navigating Storms draws on material generated over the last year by the project’s participatory panel. The panel brought together people from across the UK to hear their personal experiences of accessing food during the pandemic for both themselves and for their communities over the course of the pandemic.

From the panel discussions, and documented in the report, clear pictures emerged of the worries faced by people in trying to secure access to food during this time. Having shared their experiences and ideas, the panel developed five overarching lessons on how policy-makers, at all levels, could deliver better for those most at risk, in crises and at all times.

  1. Hear directly from those who know.
  2. Food security is a fundamental right.
  3. We need to redesign welfare so it offers sufficient support at all times.
  4. Crisis response must be comprehensive without compromising on dignity or choice.
  5. We must strike a balance between the roles of individual households, communities, and the state

The report is available to download here.

Published during Challenge Poverty Week 2021, representatives from across sectors attended the launch event held by Church Action on Poverty (CAP) on October 12th 2021, providing the opportunity to hear directly from panel members and researchers. 

In the final phase of the project, the panel will be joined by a small group of stakeholders with policy and practice expertise through a series of four online sessions. The session will provide an opportunity for the panel and policy specialists to consider findings, share perspectives and reflect on the implications for future policy and practice ‘post’ COVID-19. 

The Food vulnerability during COVID-19 research project is co-led by Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, SPERI Co-Director. The project is mapping and monitoring responses to household food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic