Kieran Guilbert

Faculty of Social Sciences

Journalist and Editor


Kieran Guilbert is an award-winning journalist and editor based in London, with expertise in human rights, aid and development, and modern slavery.

He spent seven years working as a journalist for the Thomson Reuters Foundation in various roles including West Africa Correspondent, News Editor, and Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Editor.

Kieran’s reporting has exposed how the UK has deported survivors of modern slavery despite fears over re-trafficking, and denied asylum to a rising number of child victims. I have also commissioned and edited award-winning investigations into forced labour at Indian garment factories, Brazilian coffee plantations and fishing vessels in Thailand.

Kieran has also produced a nine-part series on the links between modern technology and human trafficking, and a five-part package “Life After Slavery” – visually portraying the challenges survivors face when rebuilding their lives. His work has seen him invited to speak at Yale University’s flagship anti-slavery conference, host a panel at Anti-Slavery International’s AGM, and he was recognised with two awards at the 2019 UK Anti-Slavery Day Media Awards. 

Further information about Kieran and his work can be found here.